On looking at the obvious

Classification makes things more manageable. We classify everything. From sub-atomic particles to the expressions that people make. We think we know the meaning and though process behind these expressions, but we are reading them using the classifications our mind has priorly formed. We could be completely wrong in our readings. We do not let the possibility of inaccuracy bother us. This is important because this is how we operate. We define boundaries and then we get to work running around to find things to put within those boundaries. Soon this thing that was just an idea, a mental structure to make information manageable, becomes just one of a million boundaries  that have popped up,building their own layers of the first boundary. So we think that our classifications and boundaries have value, because they have discovered fractality. The ability to replicate itself its own image. Thus classifications acquire the status of religions and become worshipped thus. Having dulled down your questions on these walls, we forget the inaccuracy. We meddle with these boundaries, but in the end they only manage to shift themselves to another set of boundaries, probably with broader boarders. We are still taking the easy way out. We are not considering our outliers. We know they are there. Why not look at them
We forget that this system is running on partial information, but it runs as if it believed it had absolute knowledge. The system believes it has mastered perfect representation. You, stuck within your myriad boundaries, cannot even bother to read expressions right. You would be right. The system can even manufacture outliers at this point. The system is absolute. And you have no questions.


Mybe we shouldnt teach, because we close the mind through education, filling in the gaps as we go. In how it closes the mind to other possibilities, how does the fanatic RSS teachings or the fanatic KKK teachings differ from what is taught at any university .We are all propagating partial truth and partial understandings. Half-truth is the language of the system. In doing so, we are also closing the mind to other possibilities. Remember that in spite of all that they claim to know, they can recreate nothing. Reductionism has not done its job. Perhaps we should ask the Shaman . Untaught, what does he know?